Switch Home Program

Need another home

Whether you need to buy a bigger home or want to downsize when you become an "empty nester" the Giacalone Team has a program to help save you money, and who doesn't want to save money. We call it our Switch Home Program. When life happens and you find your family growing by having children, having children move back home or even having to care for parents and needing room for them to live with you, let us ease your financial burden just a little.

It is easy to qualify

Choosing us to sell your home has its own advantages (see our marketing plan) but when you also hire us to help you find your next home, to show our appreciation for your loyalty, we will rebate 1% (one percent) of the purchase price back to you at closing to use towards your closing cost. You're Welcome.

If you've decided it is time to move up or downsize your home then you will want to know how much your home is worth. The best way to do that is to ask for a CMA from the Giacalone Team.

Simultaneous Closings

Think about this: You are selling your home to a buyer that is getting financing and you are financing the purchase of your new home. Closing for the selling of your home is scheduled for 10am and closing for the purchase of your new home is scheduled for 1pm. Having two closings happen at the same time or even the same day is challenging at best but it can be done. It takes planning between your closing agent, the buyers, their lender and Realtor®, the sellers closing agent, you, your lender and your Realtor®. If spouses or partners are involved add them into the mix also. That is a lot of people that have to be on the same page.

Challenge #1: Closing the home you are selling. You have the moving truck all loaded, utilities scheduled to turn off, house is clean and the grass is cut. You are even at the place of closing at 9:50am. No problems, right? Well not so fast. The new buyers have to perform their walk through inspection so utilities need to be on. Let's assume that all goes well and the buyers are ready to close at 10am, great but the lender still has to give their blessing and approve the buyers final closing statement. Until they do funds will not be released and no money for you which means you may not have the necessary funds to close on your new home. By the way, the buyers technically have until the end of the day to close so that may make you miss the 1pm closing of your new home. 

Challenge #2: Closing the home you are buying. Let's say your first closing went off without a hitch and by 11am you are done. Now we have to go do the walk through inspection of your new home, grab a bite to eat and get to the closing at 1pm. When we arrive we hear that the sellers are running a little behind because of an issue with their new home and may not be able to close until later that day or possibly tomorrow. Now what?

The challenges above are examples of the simplest form of obstacles you may face when attempting a simultaneous closing. There are others and by anticipating challenges and communicating with all the other parties involved your home selling and home buying experience will be as stress free as possible. We have done it successfully for others and will be right by your side.

Ready? Request a CMA now.