How do you buy or sell real estate with confidence?

Confidence comes from experience. Experience comes from doing. Most people have the experience of 3-5 real estate transactions in their lifetime with an average of 7 to 10 years between those transactions. Educating yourself with the most current laws and rules, learning the art of negotiation, getting familiar with real estate contracts and becoming a marketing expert is a good start. Or you can find a Real Estate professional to work with. A Real Estate professional that is educated with the process and stays informed of the current laws will give you the confidence that your goals will be meet. The Giacalone Team has the experience to know that all real estate transactions are not the same and your goals are unique to you. So what’s next? Well, feel free to call us and let’s discuss your particular wants and needs or you can read on to learn more.

Real Estate transactions can be complex and there are many different fields in Real Estate. Here we are going to focus on Residential selling and purchasing. If you need help in rentals, property management or commercial sales or leasing give us a call or use the contact form below.

When you decide it is time to buy or sell a home where do you start? Most consumers are starting their search online, sellers search for experienced listing agents and buyers look for homes that are for sale. I would like to encourage you to look to your family, friends and co-workers that have been involved in a real estate transaction and ask them who they used, if they had a good experience and would they recommend someone to help you get started.

A Real Estate agent is a good first contact to make when you are contemplating buying or selling a home. Up to now we have been using the term Real Estate agent or Real Estate professional when most people know REALTOR® (pronounced Real-tor). From now on we will use the term REALTOR® but realize that not all Real Estate agents are REALTORS®. A good REALTOR® will listen to what your goal is and help you formulate a plan to get there. A good REALTOR® will be able to help you find all your team members that you need to meet your goal. We are good REALTORS®, give us a try.

Whether you are selling or buying a home you will have a team involved to make it a success. You may not hire every member of your team, but they will be involved somehow, at some point, in your real estate process. Familiarize yourself with your team members and know what roles they will have in the success of your goal. Ask your REALTOR® for referrals.

Good luck and don’t forget we are only a phone call or an email away.